35 per cent of the region's population now vaccinated

April 21, 2021

The vaccination rate for the Gaspé has reached nearly 35% so far compared to about 30% for Quebec.

When including the Magdalen Islands, the rate increases to 40%. In the archipelago, at least 80% of the population has received both the first and second dose of Moderna's vaccine.

The Director of public health, Doctor Yv Bonnier-Viger, mentions that vaccination rates vary according to age group with more than 90 per cent of persons 80 years and older, more than 80% of the 70-79 year old group and more than half of the 60-69 age group having been vaccinated.

Dr Bonnier-Viger explains that some people might have unpleasant symptoms after a second dose of the vaccine. This is also the case for people who have had COVID-19 and who receive a first injection. The total number of doses given in the Gaspesia-the-Islands region is 39,840.