Quebec to invest 314 million in regional transportation infrastructure

April 21, 2021

Quebec will invest $ 314 million over the next two years in the Gaspesia-the-Islands regional transportation network.

This sum will include investments for 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 in asphalting and road structures but also on rail and in provincial airports.

The lion's share is reserved for rail investments with 137 million dollars going to the region's railroad. The MTQ (Transport Ministry) plans to put half as much, 68 million dollars, on the region's road network structures and 57 million will toward paving.

$ 49 million is reserved for the highway safety network component and $ 2.7 million for airport projects.

Among the projects announced, work in the Pic de l'Aurore sector, in Percé, will include repairs to stonework at the base of the Route 132 retaining wall. The second stage of reconstruction of Route 132 in Chandler will also begin. A residential sector will be bypassed and access to Route 132 will be reduced. A large part of the MTQ's regional investments in the transport sector will go toward the region's railway. Transport Minister François Bonnardel stressed that he is commited to the goal of completing repairs to the railway by 2025, which will allow rail traffic to return to Gaspé, as well as access to Ciment McInnis, LM Windpower and a return of ViaRail passenger service.